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Additional construction pictures...

Putting finishing touches on ceiling

    Final application of mud is made to the ceiling.  It then is dried before sanding commences.

Texture coats goes on ceiling

    A texture coat of paint was blown onto the ceiling.  The walls were protected by plastic.

New front door

    On Tuesday, Bowman & Sons, installed new front and rear doors.

The ceiling fan with lights

     The electrical outlets, switches, lights and ceiling fan were installed on Monday, May 5.  And the electric was turned on for the first time.

Staining the trim

    Mark carefully brushes stain on the oak mantel.

Buster Newton from Georgia Direct

   The carpet is a frieze, which is supposed to hide the seam.  It's also a polyester which is fade and stain resistant.

Sanding in the corner

    Sanding began on Thursday.  Painting comes next.

Painting of walls began Monday

     Painting of the walls began on Monday, April 28.  Three outside walls are Painted Desert Red, while the inside wall is Macademia.

Tile was glued into place

    Tile for the fireplace was glued into place on Thursday.

Sunset reflected onto wall

     The sunset shows shadows of tree limbs through the window, as projected onto the wall.

View without vinyl barrier

     Here you can see the completed fireplace and with the vinyl barrier removed you can see through to the old family room.

Looking toward the fireplace

    Immediately after the carpet was installed and vacumned, furniture was moved into the new room.

Priming the ceiling

    After cleaning the walls and ceiling, the prime coat was applied.

Putting concrete in doorway

    Concrete had to be applied between the old and new sections of the house.

Installing the gutters

  J R's Gutter Service from Fountain City installed the gutters on Thursday.

Nailing on the trim

    Donnie McCurdy and his helper, Mark, nail on the trim for the fireplace on Tuesday, May 6.

Getting ready for the carpet padding

    After the laminate was replaced along the doorways, the next step was to ge ready for the padding and carpeting.

The dining/computer area

    One corner of the addition is used for dining.  Next to it will be a computer center.